Cenforce and Its Points of Sale

Cenforce 100mg is a generic Viagra-like medication for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is built around sildenafil citrate, the same active substance used in the famous Viagra. Produced by Centurion Laboratories, the product is available as ingestible peroral rounded pills. Despite the different names, the drug causes the same effect as Viagra does. Cenforce is available for direct purchase at our store.

Erectile dysfunction has become a ubiquitous problem all over the world. There is nothing embarrassing about it, but steps should be taken to resolve it. A range of solutions is out there to help you deal with the issue, and Cenforce is definitely a nice choice.

Purpose of Cenforce

As you already know from the intro, Cenforce is a drug that helps people overcome their ED (erectile dysfunction) troubles through stronger and more reliable erection. Its active substance enhances the influx of blood into your genitals, which is how erection actually occurs. It is not just an instant stiffener or something, however; the medication only powers up erection when you feel sexual desire. Respectively, the product is to be used when you expect to have sex in a short while.

Cenforce Versions

To suit the needs of different patients, Cenforce is available in a range of versions. You can see a numeric designation of the respective version right next to the name of the drug. It can be Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150 or Cenforce 200. The number is the milligram dosage of the active ingredient in a pill. Larger doses, however, are used in specific circumstances; it is best to take the minimum dose of 100 mg. It is that simple: pills containing 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. Moreover, if you never took any potency pills before, you should start with a small dose of 50 or even 25 mg. See if it works before moving on to a larger dose (you may not need it after all). See the respective article for information about the manufacturer.

Cenforce 100 mg: Induction Dosage

Cenforce 100 mg – a regular dose, which will simply work for most men. As mentioned above, however, it is wise to start with a 1/2 or 1/4 dose of 25 or 50 mg.

Cenforce 150 mg: High Dosage

Cenforce 150 mg – a high dose intended to help those who are unable to obtain a satisfactory result with. Make sure you consult your physician before you move on to this dose.

Cenforce 200 mg: Increased Dosage

Cenforce 200 mg – an extremely high dose, only to be taken by those who have severe ED problems. Never take this dose otherwise than with a doctor’s approval.


As with most ED medications, these pills are commonly taken before sex. For best results, the drug should be taken 30-45 minutes before intercourse. As described above, Cenforce is available in different dosages. The normal option is the 100 mg pill. Respectively, Cenforce 150 and 200 produce a stronger effect. Nevertheless, taking these higher dosages is seldom really required. Higher dosage also means more severe side effects. Start off with a half or quarter (50 / 25 mg) of the minimum dose to see how well your body reacts to the drug. The drug is best taken on an empty stomach. Food delays the absorption of these pills. Essentially, achieving full effect is going to take more time.

Food-related impediment is even greater if you have a fatty meal. Fat inhibits the metabolism of Sildenafil to a considerable extent, which renders the drug less efficient. Taking the drug with alcohol is not advisable as well. Consumption of the drug with alcohol can cause some dangerous side effects, such as extremely low blood pressure drop. Consult your physician before taking Sildenafil if you take any other drugs or have a chronic condition. Medical consultation is also advised for people with renal problems or cardiac issues.


Once again, Cenforce is available in a number of concentrations. The bread-and-butter dosage, however, is 100 mg. Be reminded that you have to allow for a 30-minute gap between ingestion and intercourse. In fact, lower concentrations of sildenafil citrate, e.g. 25 or 50 mg, can also do the trick. However, some situations may require an increased dose to produce the desired result.

In particular, this is when a person feels that the recommended dose does not make his erection strong or persistent enough. This is where Cenforce 150 or 200 mg comes into play. As with any other drug, however, there are precautions to be taken by users. Make sure you have a comprehensive discussion on the issue with your health practitioner, especially if you think you are going to require an increased dose.

Side Effects Overview

It is reasonable to learn as much as possible about the side effects of a drug one is about to start taking. Cenforce is deemed one of the safest generic solutions on the ED-treatment market as of today. As with any other drug, however, it does have certain side effects. One of the more common adverse events associated with the usage of Cenforce and many other erectile dysfunction treatments is indigestion. Some users report minor headache and nasal congestion typically occurring after taking the drug.

Sildenafil may also have a temporary effect on your vision to a minor extent, and, in rare instances, causes painful erection. One should understand, however, that these side effects do not occur in all patients. These are only perceivable for a very small percentage of patients, so this should not discourage you from trying out the pill. Apart from that, these side effects wear off in a couple of hours or so. If you still experience side effects in a number of hours after the ingestion of Cenforce, it is best to consult your physician.

Eventually, safety and efficacy of the drug also depend on whether you observe a couple of essential precautions. The medicine should be used if recommended by a certified healthcare practitioner, rather than just at your own discretion. Simply purchasing the pills online is not exactly the best idea. Talk to your doctor and ask if these pills are appropriate for you.


Interactions may affect the efficacy of a drug or cause considerable risk of adverse side effects. Please note that the information provided here is merely a brief summary, which is not intended to cover all interactions. This article only addresses the most common known ones. Further professional research may in fact reveal other, previously unknown interactions as well.

The first aspect to consider is the active substance of Cenforce 200: used in conjunction with nitrate-based pharmaceuticals, sildenafil citrate can cause a dramatic drop of blood pressure. Pressure drop is the cause of other undesired effects, such as vertigo or fainting. Serious cases even result in strokes and heart attacks induced by low blood pressure. Erection pills are counter-indicative for persons on alpha-blockers, such as tamsulosin and doxazosin. The combined effect of these medications causes the blood pressure to drop. At first, your physician may prescribe smaller doses to see the general effect of the drug on your health. This is actually the proper course of action.

If, however, you experience any negative reaction of your body to sildenafil or discomfort caused by drug interaction, your physician can propose an adequate alternative. For best results, make sure you observe the leaflet instructions for Cenforce.

Feedback on Cenforce 100 mg

The best and quickest way to verify the efficacy and quality of a drug nowadays is, of course, by checking out reviews on the Internet. These let you learn first-hand opinions “from the field” and learn from the experience of those who tried a product before. There is a lot of reviews of Cenforce 150 on the Net, and the trend is that most of these are positive. The essential inference that can be derived from a rather large array of reviews is that Cenforce is highly effective. Especially valuable comments come from users who tried different medications; they confirm that Cenforce does indeed cause a stronger and better erection.

150 mg dosages of Sildenafil also allowed some people to develop an erection faster than they normally do. These have shown to induce erection within a shorter time than the usual 30 to 60 minute gap. Apart from that, reviews are a valuable source of information on side effects. As to Cenforce, it does have its side effects, of course, but these seldom actually occur in reality. Some users did in fact report side effects, but they say these were rather mild and manageable.

Another less obvious benefit is the packaging. It looks just like a common pill package with no distinctive features. Thus, no one will ever tell that these are ED pills. Even though this problem is widespread, many people cannot help feeling embarrassed about their erectile dysfunction. They are happy to get their pills in discreet packages, so that their secret remains safe. So, these reviews give sufficient grounds to state that Cenforce 100 is one of the best ED treatments currently available. Users report some really satisfying experience with these pills