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Super Vidalista combines the power of Tadalafil 20mg with Dapoxetine 60mg to provide you with an unmatched intimate experience.

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regular price is £100 (or £200 in pharmacies). 

What’s so special about Super Vidalista?

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Super Vidalista is designed to enhance your sexual experience by providing:

Increased stamina and improved erection quality all thanks to tadalafil
Prolonged sexual activity all thanks to dapoxetine (it simply doesn’t allow you to finish fast!)

Whether you're looking to spice up your intimate moments or address any concerns related to performance, Super Vidalista is the ultimate solution.

Not sure about it yet? How about a SUPERMAN SET?

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Unleash Your Inner Superman!

This powerhouse combination, featuring Cenforce 200* and Super Vidalista, is here to revolutionize your battle against ED.

30 Super Vidalista
30 Cenforce 200mg

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superman set

*Cenforce 200mg – TWICE AS POWERFUL AS  FAMOUS CENFORCE 100mg. The strongest one we’ve got! Worth £70+ in pharmacies for a blister.
** Total economy is approximately £230 in comparison with regular pharmacy prices


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